RELE is pleased to work with LA-based artist, Cassy London on her new single ‘Old School’ global release.

In Cassy words, “Old School” was one of those songs that was both fun and therapeutic to create at the same time since I had just come out of a relationship. It not only was inspired by it, but it helped me get through the break up and realize what I was really looking for. I hate to admit it sometimes but I definitely have a bit of “hopeless romantic syndrome” as I like to call it! I call it “Old School” love because I feel that nowadays we are constantly being bombarded with advice and advertisements on what makes the perfect relationship. The best thing to buy your partner or best place to go, and Old School is a reminder that if all those things were stripped away, would we still have that same love? Are we capable of taking away the “stuff,” putting the breaks on our everyday lives and giving your full attention to each other?

The single has been added to over 20 streaming playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Deezer following RELE’s successful single release campaign on 9 Spotify New Music Friday playlists in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam; global Spotify ‘Girls On Fire’ playlist; 10 Apple Music New Music Daily playlists across Asia; Released Youtube Music; Radar Weekly Japan Deezer, and more.

Partnerships facilitated by RELE include a Tik Tok supported #BringOldSchoolBack Challenge campaign in South East Asia, along with an MTV SEA Jammin’ Session.

RELE’s project services for this single release campaign covered a comprehensive digital distribution strategy, marketing, media, DSPs and social media advertising.