Bringing you this week’s Asian Chart Weekly! For those who missed out on our last week’s debut of the Top 30 Asian Chart Weekly, we are bringing you a weekly update of what are the top hits and artists trending in Asia as a region across all international and local genres of music!

The Top 30 Asian Chart combines Spotify Top 50 Country Charts on every Friday of the week for 8 ASEAN countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

* Each song is given a index weightage,  #1 with 50 points, #2 with 49 points etc in each country’s charts to generate a total sum. Songs are then ranked with the highest to lowest of their points weightage.

Not much of a surprise with most songs moving up and down a little in the ranking. So we thought we shall do a little introduction of the Asian tracks!

Ranked at #4, K-pop Queen, IU, enters this week’s chart with her latest single, “Celebrity” – a pre-release track for her upcoming full-length album after three years.

Ranked at #18, Taiwanese rock band, 831’s 想見你想見你想見你(電視劇”想見你”片尾曲) is not slowing down, jumped two ranks up from last week’s chart. Fun fact – the song was released two years ago and started trending since its feature as the theme song of a local Taiwanese drama released in November 2019, proving once again that motion picture synchronization can be a big win! 

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Meanwhile, do keep your eyes peeled for next week’s Asian Chart!