Bringing you this week’s Asian Chart Weekly! We are bringing you a weekly update of what are the top hits and artists trending in Asia as a region across all international and local genres of music!

The Top 30 Asian Chart combines Spotify Top 50 Country Charts on every Friday of the week for 8 ASEAN countries Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


* Each song is given an index weightage,  #1 with 50 points, #2 with 49 points etc in each country’s charts to generate a total sum. Songs are then ranked with the highest to lowest of their points weightage.

Climbing the charts at #5, is K-pop rising girl group, ITZY, with their comeback, “In the morning”. Since their debut in 2019, ITZY has seen its international profile grow with them regularly topping the charts in South Korea. The sharpshooting single fronts the five-member team’s “Guess Who” EP, the band’s fourth Korean mini-album.

Ranked at #9 is Billie Eilish’s latest release titled “Your Power”, the first single off her highly anticipated sophomore album “Happier Than Ever”. The chilling ballad is accompanied by an official music video, which features metaphors of the song’s deep meaning – calling out people who abuse their power.

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